Prof.Solomon D Vedamuthu or 'Solomon Sir' has been my friend, 'philosopher' and guide (in the reverse order) for over 18 years and his influence on my professional life has been invaluable. I have not known anyone who has so selflessly dedicated his life towards students and the teaching profession. I am proud to have greatly benefited from his tireless pursuit of honing the minds of young students' talents, abilities and aspirations. I am extremely proud and honoured to be part of his life and wish him lots more decades of health and happiness.
Vikram B (Architect & Designer)
CEPT (Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology)
1992- 1998

A "class" apart

It was the beginning of a dream ….in a place that we called "the class"…. with a man, a special someone, a magical teacher, for whom to teach is to inspire; to teach is to be in love; to teach is to touch the future. He is someone who draws from you the urge to excel, awakens in you the will to make changes - changes that you may never have thought of on your own or had the courage to attempt without his example. He is a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, often poking you with a sharp stick called "truth." He is someone who does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. That's Solomon sir for you, a great teacher and a wonderful human being.
Arpitha Mahendran
School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University
With him around, life can be real jolly
Yes, friends and associates call him Solly.
To us students, he's our crazy, weird Sir
Who is pretty unique and very dear.
Always ready to teach us perspectives;
He instills in us the ability to be creative.
Enigmatic, eccentric and endearing are the few adjectives;
Which to describe him, is truly subjective.
Friend, philosopher and a great mentor,
Trust me, he can also be quite a tormentor
Well to sum it up, I would like to say,
"Dearest Sir, We all love U loads this way!!"
Nitya Rajendran
MEASI Academy of Architecture
The turning point in my life was when I first met Professor Solomon in 2003. In him I found a friend, philosopher and guide and from then on, he became "Solly Sir" to me. More than a teacher he came across as a friendly and warm hearted man with a ton of laughs. His classes are most definitely a one of a kind experience and it was there that I first started to let loose my individuality and creativity. A man such as himself was instrumental in helping me think differently and to view life in a broader perspective.
Solly Sir is the teacher who is indeed wise and does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.
Keshav Bhat
La Salle School of Design, Singapore

Q. What's the difference between a stick-up and a hold-up?

A. Age

The Class was never a place we came to for 'NID coaching'. Clichéd though it may sound, it really WAS a home away from home. I can't think of a better reason to explain the fact that I could be spotted at class long after I'd made NID's final list.
What was supposed to be a Monday/Friday class of 100 minutes each, instead saw the entire(well almost) batch in class for two and a half hours atleast, EVERYDAY, until Solly declared a holiday for Christmas and NewYear. It was a place where I met a lot of people I wouldn't have met otherwise, learned a lot of things that I would have never learned in school or tuition.

Solly didn't prepare us for just an entrance exam, he prepared us for Life.

He is the first person I have looked up to as a mentor. I gained a lot of confidence in myself in the two years that I was there, and I owe a lot of it to him.

"If you want to draw a horse, you should be able to draw a horse. If you draw anything else, any ass will tell you that what you've drawn isn't a horse, it's an ass."
Shreyas R. Krishnan
National Institute of Design , Ahmedabad
2005 – 2009

Seeping Light

Astray estranged, somewhere lost
Was dying o fury, chained to doubts
Meekly I shivered, cried by the corner
Someone something- peace I sought
Many a visions, horrid illusions- thoughts
Flow like torrential whirlwinds. Loud
Felt like a beast, to hell was driven
Then came by a learned man- calm
Presence his divine, strong- positive
Tis was you, my guru- fatherly mentor
Being with you is energizing
Hail thou master, I bow down low
The key to our questions- you have
The light brilliantly through the glass seeps
YOU are the energy, the light I seek
I pledge to you my thanks, guide me-
Hail thou messenger, divine- hail
Late Mridula
(Little one)
NIFT – National Institute of Fashion Technology

A Foundation in Design

I always liked doodling. I never painted. I drew comic strip characters. I never sketched landscapes. I could spend hours drawing super league action heroes. But never attempted a portrait. So I wasn't an artist. And I enjoyed doodling action heroes and designing clothes that I sketched onto super hero looking figures.

So when it came to choosing a course after school, I (not to mention my parents) was not entirely sure whether my immediate future lay in economics, or in art / design / a creative something.

While in my 12th standard a friend, who knew a friend, who knew someone who had attended Solly's classes told me about them. I signed up for Solly's classes in October '06 and began with a foundation for the NID exam. And went through another course for visual communication and NIFT exams later that summer.

My classes at Solly's did more than prepare me for entrances. They gave me a feel for what courses at these institutions would be like and made me approach creative and design tasks from more dimensions than I ordinarily would have. Through a series of exercises, they made me conceptualise, create and present my work, and face a critique of it. And most importantly perhaps, they gave me the confidence to believe that maybe, I might just have a creative spark that should be explored through a course in this field.

In May '08, I'll complete my first year at NIFT. The first year is always a foundation year during which we're exposed to the history and basic principles of art. We also get to work with different materials, and as I write this, we've just concluded long hours in our workshop working with Plaster-of-Paris, metal, clay and acrylic.

I remember being asked to design a handbag at the NIFT entrance exam. I remember thinking of Solly's classes when I read that question. He spoke to us about the importance of not just art for art's sake, and the importance of functionality in design.

Thank you, Solly. You built a foundation that my faculties at NIFT are now building on.
Neha Kavan
NIFT – National Institute of Fashion Techonology
2007 – 2011
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